The Place of Gender Equality in the Molded Fiber Industry

In Turkey, molded fiber production has long been dominated by male workers, with statistics showing a stark gender disparity in the workforce. However, a transformative journey has begun, spearheaded by THECA, where innovation and inclusivity converge to reshape the landscape of the molded fiber industry.

Is the Male Workforce High in the Molded Fiber Industry?

Recent data underscores the prevailing gender gap in molded fiber production, with male workers comprising the majority of the workforce. This historical trend sets the stage for a groundbreaking shift towards gender equality within the industry.

Visionary Machinery Design

At THECA, we envision a future where molded fiber production is accessible and user-friendly for all. Our commitment to simplicity drives the design and manufacturing of machines tailored specifically for this purpose. With just 1-2 hours of training, employees can seamlessly operate our machines, minimizing complications and maximizing efficiency. These machines not only streamline production but also contribute to sustainable packaging solutions.

The Effect of Machines on Equality in the Molded Fiber Industry

Central to our mission is the creation of machines that prioritize ease of use and require minimal physical effort. By leveling the playing field, we empower individuals of all genders to participate equally in the production process, fostering a culture of inclusivity and diversity.

Lightweight Mold Innovation

THECA’s innovative approach extends to the design of fibers that are used as bringing out the packaging solutions. By leveraging composite materials, we have engineered molds that are 65% lighter than conventional counterparts. This breakthrough not only streamlines production but also facilitates easier fibers changes, breaking down barriers and empowering individuals across the gender spectrum. These lightweight fibers contribute to efficient and eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Driving Change

The impact of our progressive approach is tangible, as evidenced by the remarkable increase in the female-to-male labor force participation rate. Over just two years, we have witnessed a significant surge from 25% to an impressive 42%, underscoring the effectiveness of our initiatives in promoting gender equality within the industry.


In conclusion, THECA’s journey towards revolutionizing molded fiber production is not merely about innovation; it is about paving the way for a more equitable future. By prioritizing accessibility, inclusivity, and gender equality in our design and manufacturing processes, we are redefining industry standards and driving meaningful change. Together, we can build a brighter, more inclusive future for all individuals involved in molded fiber production and packaging solutions.


Date: 07.12.2023
Written By: Dr. Engin Sarikaya – General Manager – THECA